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The ultimate guide to being the best Best Man

As best man, you should acquaint yourself with the roles of the other key members of the wedding party.

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Here are the top ten VIPs to keep in mind. Mother of bride: This lady is the one who holds all the true power.

The Best Man Duties Checklist You Need to Ace the Job

What she says goes. Chief bridesmaid: She is your female counterpart. Get to know how she functions.

He may even be a woman. Give the man a hand. Wedding organiser: This is perhaps the most stressful job of all.

Very Funny Best Man Speech

Make sure to include these steps and finish it off with a toast to ensure a successful speech. Just try not to offend the mother of the groom. Cheat Sheet. Block out the whole week before the wedding in your diary.

The ultimate guide to being the best Best Man

Wedding VIPs As best man, you should acquaint yourself with the roles of the other key members of the wedding party. Already have an account with us? Sign in to manage your newsletter preferences. You can unsubscribe at any time. For more information about how we hold your personal data, please see our privacy policy. Expert tips for your wedding speeches. Wedding speeches — everything you need to know. Now you may already have a bundle of stories to share about the groom which is great, get these down on paper and stored as potentials. On top of this, it is also vital to identify a diverse mix of other potential speech sources for additional material and tap into them post haste.

Take all the guests right back to childhood and teenage years through to adult life. This speech structure never fails and always engages an audience as it connects with the entire theme of the day. How did our groom get to this incredible moment? Speak to old friends from those various chapters of his life and remember, a touching tale can work just as well as those moments of hilarity. Talk to the crew! Was he loaded with dodgy braces as a kid? Any hideous fashion highlights to discuss? Was he accident prone? Did he decimate the School Nativity? Point to note — steer clear of any childhood sweetheart stories unless of course it was the bride herself!

The Best Man Duties Checklist You Need to Ace the Job - WeddingWire

This is how long the best man spends helping the groom. Hmm, I would steer clear unless of course you have a one liner up your sleeve that is utterly hilarious in the context of your speech — just tacky otherwise. Deliver from the heart and your comedic moments will evolve and shine through naturally.

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The biggest mistake is to present the lines in a style you think an audience want to hear or by trying to emulate your favourite comedian. The only style you need is your own. Stick to the script. It is essential to stick to your pre-planned format otherwise you will lose focus and the audience will drift away. Talking about how nervous you are is a total no go area. It puts the audience on edge and creates an uncomfortable atmosphere. Remember the guests are on your side and always support the best man during his speech — they want you to succeed.

This avenue of discussion always isolates a room and creates a barrier between the speaker and audience — this is an inclusive not exclusive occasion. Explained: The order of wedding speeches. The best wedding speeches on YouTube.

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This is a very important point. Speak to the bride and groom in advance about the overall feel of their day so you can get an understanding on the level you need to pitch your speech. If it is a very formal occasion you need to adhere to that concept as it will be expected. That does not mean you cannot present funny content, it means walk with caution. Of course, a more relaxed approach on the day gives you freedom to freestyle as they say but please, do keep the latter in mind as it is a good overall point to remember — tread carefully.

In general, weddings are a mixed crowd with guests ranging in age from and as such this needs to be considered within your speech content. Adult in jokes are always a clever way to get a laugh and your audience on side in a wink wink nudge nudge type way. Steer clear of swearing whatever the audience. This is a wedding not a comedy club! I am pretty confident you will get some whoops and cheers along the way so, make sure you hold for the applause and revel in your moment of hilarity.