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Welcome back. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Crossroads Crossroads, 1 3. Rate this book Clear rating 1 of 5 stars 2 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars. The Sin Eater's Prince 3. Want to Read saving… Error rating book. Land of Falling Stars 3. Decadent Deceptions 4. Crossroads Revisited Crossroads, 2 3. Crossroads Showdown Crossroads, 3 3. Valentine's Vindication 3. Nichols , Jude Mason Goodreads Author 3. Muyskens, J. David in Reformed Review 42 p Spring Portaro, Sam A. Guindon, Andre, in Eglise et Theologie p Haas, Harold L.

Harris, Peter E.

Brockhaus, Harvey, John F. Harvey's article shows that he has not changed his views in the past thirty years. Since this encyclopedia is so widely available in college libraries in most respects it is excellent , his work here has probably done maximum damage. Hasbeny, Richard, ed. Contents : Preface. No longer invisible: gay and lesbian Jews build a movement, A Cooper. A critique of creationist homophobia, G Edwards. Discourses of desire: sexuality and Christian women's visionary narratives, E Matter.

Aliens in the promised land? A bonding of choice: values and identity among lesbian and gay religious leaders, C Fischer. Psychodynamic theory and pastoral theology: an integrated model, M Garanzini. Pastoral counseling and homosexuality, J Struzzo. Indexed in, vol 23]. Heyward, Carter and Ellen C. Davis, eds. She pushes the reader to find what among, between, and within us is christic: most fully human and most fully divine.

Heyward invites a faithful, radical response to issues which are at the heart of our social, political, personal, and spiritual quandaries. Hiltner, S. Hoyt, Robert G. The current Bishop's letter doesn't really address the issue of sexuality within marriage at all. Hudson, Billy. Jaudon, Brian, "From debate to dialogue: church struggle to address homosexuality and sexual ethics", Sojourners July Jeeves, Malcolm ed.

Christian belief, experience and practice in the light of expanding psychological knowledge, M Jeeves. Brain science and human responsibility, D MacKay. Genes and morals, R Berry. Drug use and abuse, D Vere. Social psychology and Christian faith, D Myers. Behaviour modification, J Court.

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Homosexuality: a scientific and Christian perspective, J Court. Sensitization techniques and interpersonal relations, G Stanley. Conscience and guilt, R Markillie. Models of pastoral care: medical, psychological and biblical, M Barker.

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The impact of psychological research on Christian educators: with special reference to the work of Ronald Goldman, R Murphy. Jennings, Theodore W. Jersild, Paul T. Jersild, Paul, "A response to the symposium", Dialog 26 p Fall Johnston, Maury, Gays Under Grace: A Gay Christian's Response to Homosexuality This book is an aggressive attack upon the anti-gay ideology of "Falwellian" fundamentalism as well as an objectively critical review of various life-styles among some gay Christians which only tend to give more credence to the extremist accusations that all gays are immoral and perverted.

Jones, Joe R. Jones, Stanton L. Christianity Today. Does new evidence about homosexuality mandate a change in the church's historic stance? It is said that there is no dialogue between bishops or theologians who could contribute to the evaluation of life issues, like sex and birth control, and the Vatican that is following decades-old documents to judge the value of such issues or ignoring the issues.

Juel, Donald H. Kaufman, Philip S. Kelsey, Morton T. Taylor, ed. Kelsey, M. Keysor, Charles W, ed. A detailed analysis of the concept of perversion is provided, and the criteria for its application in sexual contexts are discussed. Recent philosophical literature on the topic is taken into account. It is argued that the difficulties in providing criteria for its application are sufficiently formidable to make its association with homosexuality risky. In considering the question of sinfulness, relevant biblical texts and implicit bi blical arguments are discussed, it being concluded tha there appears to be a c onsistent opposition to homosexual practices within the biblical writings, thi s opposition basing itself on a certain conception of the "created order".

Var ious arguments for maintaining the criminal status of homosexual practices are discussed and rejected. Koertege, Noretta, ed. Four papers addressing sociobilogical issues by Michael Ruse, Lynda I. Birke, John P. DeCecco and Frederick Suppe. Does not see homosexuality as perfect. Sees Sodom story as nothing to do with homosexuality, but historically much more important than either Leviticus 18 or Romans 1 in influenciing the tradition. In "Pastoral Guidlines" looks at some forms of acceptance. See Doherty above for a book written in rebuttal.

Krody, N. Lawrence, Irene, "Can homosexual behavior be Christian? Lewis, Dean H. Glaser; Homosexuality and obedience to the Gospel, by D. Doughty; The active homosexual lifestyle and the church, by R. Brown; What we don't know about homosexuality, by R. Gould; Homosexuality and the family, by H. Hendin; Homosexuality: some neglected issues, by J. Logan, James C.

Looser, Gabriel, Homosexualitat: menschlich - christlich - moralisch , Frankfurt: P. Lang, Hollinger, D. Murray, S. McBrien, Richard, Catholicism , rev ed. Excellent overview - well over o pages - of Roman Catholic faith and history. Much more broadly balanced than any official work, and useful to refer intelligent inquirers towards. McCaffrey, Joseph Anthony. Toward a moral synthesis. Rome: Catholic book agency, The encyclical reviews the Catholic Church's stand on birth control, homosexuality, masturbation and premarital sex.

McCourt, Malcom, ed. Contents : Recent Christian perspectives on homosexuality - the context for the debate, David Blamires. Towards a theology of gay liberation - the framework for the debate, by Malcolm Macourt. Biblical roots of homophobia, Rictor Norton. Old Testament scholar replies, James Martin. The gay challenge to traditional notions of human sexuality, Jim Cotter.

What it means to be human, by Norman Pittenger. Gay liberation in relation to Christian liberation, Giles Hibbert. A Christian basis for gay relationships, Michael Keeling. Looks at scripture, moral theology, and pastoral ministry to lesbian and gay people. The fourth edition , and the revised introduction include an analysis of the Republican Party Convention, along with analyses of recent documentation from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith CDF - Vatican.

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  • McNeill, John, "Homosexuality, lesbianism, and the future: the creative role of the gay community in building a more humane society" in A challenge to love ; ed by R Nugent p Information is given that should give every Christian community serious reasons to reconsider its understanding of homosexuality. McNeill's poweful sermons their over the years. Argues that both tradition and Scripture support same-sex love and a positive gay identity is compatible with Christian faith.

    Includes an interesting chapter on the relationship between Mary and the gay community. Maguire, Daniel C. Malloy, Edward A. By a University of Notre Dame professor opposed to homosexuality, but not visciously so. Hanigan, J. Marmor, Judd ed. She contends that religion and sexuality are natural allies; both take pleasure in the mysterious. Mathers, James, "Homosexuality", Theology 83 March , Matt, Hershel J. Dwight Oberholzer, ed. Melton, J. Jalons pour une theologie de la liberation gaie , Montreal: 1'Aurore, Schorer; London: GMP, , Over view of gay liberation theology and more.

    Very interesting, but somewhat dense. Michaels, Judith E. This project is a primer for the heterosexual, church-related person who is not irrevocably opposed to homosexuality and the issues it raises. Its foundational premises are: 1 that homosexuality is a naturally occuring variation of human sexuality, a gift of God no less than is heterosexuality; and 2 that the church is called to be the healer of souls and of society and to speak the word of justice and reconciliation on this sensitive issue.

    The project features an annotated, practical bibliography and various models and suggestions for workshops with exercises for group work. Milhaven, John G. Milhaven, J. Millard, M. Kent, "A model for thinking theologically about homosexuality", in Homosexuality ; ed by L Smith, p Moberly, Elizabeth R. The author is a Dominican priest at Oxford. The review in New Blackfriars says that, while he is careful not to reject the Church's teaching itself on these matters, he does reject most of the arguments used to justify it e. Moore's general approach is to come to the most radical conclusions by taking the radical nature of tradition most seriously rather than as a support for current prejudice.

    Muehl, E. William, "Myth of self-evident truths", The Christian Century 94 p November 2 ABSTRACT: The recent refusal by voters in Florida to give what amounts to legally protected status to homosexuality as an alternate life style" has rightly been interpreted by thoughtful commentators as a representative American judgement rather than an eccentric spasm of regional morality.

    The forlorn little battle in Dade County raised issues more far-reaching than either side seemed to realize, and demonstrated the necessity for a fresh interpretation of the American doctrine of church-state separation.

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    Nappey, Pierre-Claude, "An open letter on homosexuality", in Sex: thoughts for contemporary Christians ; ed by M Taylor, p Naude, R. Nault R. Nelson, James B. Nelson, R A. Ormseth, ed. It can be addressed most adequately when data about it is drawn from cultural sources, the Christian tradition and the experience of the Christian community.

    By recognizing the contextual character of all such data and by allowing the data from each source to enter into dialogue with the data from the other sources, homosexuality is identified as a complex phenomenon that need not be simply condemned. Rather it needs to be seen in the context of human sexuality as one way of being male or female in the world. Noonan, John T. Nugent, C. Robert and Jeannine Gramick, eds. Catholic sources on homosexuality, gay ministry and social justice 2nd ed.

    This contains statements, recommendations, resolutions, and editorials from Roman Catholic bishops, newspapers, dosocesan agencies, peace and justice groups, lay leaders, liberation theologians, pastors and educators. Looks at Homsoexuality and how it has been discussed in a number of major denominations: the authors say it is like a fishbone stuck in the churches' throat. Oberholzer, W. Dwight, ed. Ohanneson, J. By a French Catholic priest. Influenced by Overing at al. Orr, Kenneth, "Christians take another look at homosexuality: a review article" Journal of Christian Education Papers 59 p September, ABSTRACT: A number of books have been published in recent years in which thoughtful Christians have looked at homosexuality in the light of recent sociological and psychological evidence.

    Nearly all of them have called for a reconsideration of traditional anathemas. This paper looks at seven of these books and reflects on the variant picture they give concerning the personal experience of Christian homosexuals, exegesis of the relevant biblical texts, theological reconsiderations, and possible forms of churchmanship for homosexuals. It concludes with an appeal to Christian educators to acquaint themselves with the current state of knowledge and to begin their own reappraisals.

    Overing, A. Paterson, Torquil J. A distinction is made between homosexual being, act, and relationship. Homosexual being is itself ethically neutral, since it is not culpably caused by the individual nor can it usually be altered, even though it may be contrary to God's plan for creation. Homosexual acts and relationships are analysed as essentially similar to other sexual matters. The article ends by discussing marriage and ordination of homosexuals.

    Since marriage is an ordinance rooted in creation, marriage of homosexuals is not permitted, whereas, since ordination is rooted in redemption, ordination of homosexuals is possible, provided that there is an awareness of ethical ambiguity and a proper responsibility in the fields of act and relationship. Payer, Pierre J. Peck, Chris, "What is natural? Adopts a "process theology" approach.

    Jones, B. Holmes, eds. Ploscowe, Morris, "Homosexuality, sodomy, and crimes against nature", Pastoral Psychology 2 November , Pollock, James R. Pronk, Pim, Against nature? John Vriend, Grand Rapids, Mich. Eerdmans, , original Dutch entitled Tegennatuurlijk? This book by a gay Christian argues that gay Christians should accept that "homosexuality" is not "natural", but argues instead that "naturalness" has nothing to do with goodness before God.

    This is an argument which might make more sense in a Protestant rather than Catholic tradition of ethical thinking. Quinn, Brian D. Quinn, Cuneliffe, who follows the standard QUEST line, challenges the Vatican statement, but treats it as if it really were meant to be a "pastoral" letter.

    He, for instance, agrees with Vatican critiques of the activist gay movement. Ranck, Lee ed. Ramm, Bernard L. Regan, Tom ed. Religion and gay people , [sound recording] North Hollywood, Calif. Ridderbos, S. However, the new personalist and relational anthropology characterizing contemporary theology requires a corresponding revised idea of the nature of the moral act. This revision, it appears, cannot be definitively achieved unless a holistic material understanding of the moral life first replaces the merely formal and empty concept of it in the manualist tradition.

    Fortunately, this replacement seems to be occurring. The areas of sexual morality and social consciousness are those that suffer the greatest distortion in ethics based on classicist anthropology and, similarly, admit the greatest revision when transferred into the context of contemporary theological anthropology. The core of the model is a theological legal moralism, based on the principle of critical morality that morality expresses God's will.

    Assuming the revelation of God's will, it argues that the coercion or submission of men to that morality by law is a value, an essential element, given the fallen state of human beings, in creating a society of individuals living lives well pleasing to God. The article criticizes Patrick Devlin's attempt to defend the legal enforcement of morality from a secular standpoint and H L A Hart's denial of the value of the legal enforcement f morality.

    It also challenges those who claim that Christian morality is irrational. Rostagno, Sergio, "La contraddizione ci fara liberi: l'omosessualita alla luce della teologia", Protestantesimo p Long and detailed enquiry into homosexuality, looking at psychology, sociobiology, theology, and various philosophical approaches. Murphy, Timothy F. Sailer, William S. Samuel, K. Sanders, Gerald M. Schlick, Jean ed. Homosexualite et pratique judiciaire de l'Eglise: vers un nouveau regard des tribunaux ecclesiastiques, J Grelon.

    L'homosexualite au tribunal regional de Marseille, P Fontez. L'homosexualite a l'officialite de Rottenburgh-Stuttgart, A Weiss. L'homosexualite dans la jurisprudence rotale, J Vernay. Des ministres homosexuels, P Valdrini. Les gais et la loi civile, C Gury. Un proces exemplaire, J Vandemborghe. Le "je" femme homme , G Pastre. De l'homosexualite, J Douche.

    Temoignage, M-T Clerc. L'homosexuel est-il "contre-nature"--ou la rencontre entre l'homosexuel et le psychotherapeute, C Vandevyver. Homosexualite et formation au ministere presbyteral, R Strasser. Discours medicaux et homosexualite: de la creation d'une figure, B Lhomond. L'homosexualite comme phenomene social, R Dericquebourg. Perspectives, M Zimmermann. Secor, Neale A. Weltge, ed. Segers, Mary C. Seow, Choon-Leung, ed. A contemporary example of a metaphorical process in which an understanding of sexuality was allowed to develop to the point that an established metaphor became a new metaphor is examined.

    Shannon, William H. Siker, Jeffrey, ed. The editor is basically sympathetic towards gays and lesbians, but this book is direct primarily towards study groups of heterosexual non-experts looking for a resource. Sims, Bennett J.. Sipe, A. Flynn, Eileen P, America May 19, ; p. Smith, Herbert F. Paul, Sobel, Alan, ed. Includes articles by Thomas Nagel and so on - to work out what "perversion" means.

    Views of a fairly liberal Dutch Catholic priest - in German. Many references. Spong, John S. Flynn, Eileen P, , America May 19, ; p. Gudorf, Christine, , Cross Currents Summer ; p. Stackhouse, Max L. Stemmeler, Michael L. Gay theology of liberation and the hermeneutic circle, T Thurston. Prophecy, subjectivity, and theodicy in gay theology: developing a constructive methodology, J Clark. A special window an anthropological perspective on spirituality in contemporary US gay male culture, E Gorman. Studies in Christian ethics , special edition on sexual ethics. Contents include: Undertakings and promises or promises and undertakings?

    Louis Journalism Review Nov ; p. The view that homosexuality should be tolerated as a part of God's creation is offered. Swidler, Arlene ed. Taylor, Michael J. Contains, inter alia essays: "Sexuality and sin: a current appraisal" by Charles. Curran; "A word about pornography" by Jack Dominian. Nappey; and "The homosexual and the church", by M. Theology and Sexuality Sheffield Academic Press - a journal beginsing in September to address the issues of its title.

    Thevenot, Xavier. Thielicke, Helmut, The Ethics of Sex , trans. John W. Doberstein, New York: Harper and Row, German Protestant opposed homosexuality, but though some relationships allowable. See Bochmuehl and Eichrodt above. Timmerman, J. New York: Crossroad, Timmerman does not directly address homosexuality, but she does address problems with "natural law" approaches.

    Aquinas rates it worse than fornication, incest or rape, but better than bestiality. Thorson-Smith, S. Thurston, Thomas M. Thesis Ph. Timmerman, Joan H. Tuohey, John F. Turnbull, John W. Twiss, Harold, ed. McNicol, A. Unsworth, Richard P. Vallet, Odon, "Eros et agape", Etudes theologiques et religieuses 59 No 1 p Wallis, Jim ed. Ware, Ann Patrick. Weltge, Ralph W. West, W. The premise of the project is that pastors and church leaders can change negative attitudes towards gays and lesbians if they are presented with adequate, nonjudgemental material and discuss all issues in a devotional framework.

    The methodology included a minute videotape documentary dealing with historical, psychological, medical, ethical, and biblical material broken into seven study periods. Booklets for leader and students give additional information. Discussion starters and open-ended questions are provided to facilitate dialogue. Two groups were studied.

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    Measurements before and after the course indicate significant positive shifts in attitudes, perceptions, and value systems by all participants. It was determined that less hostility was registered and more understanding demonstrated. Wigney, Trevor J. The author outlines an agenda for action" which includes the development of a more positive theology at all levels in the Australian context, open acceptance of gay people in the church, including ordination, and the provision of better pastoral concern and support for gays, cluding action on civil rights.

    He also advocates that the churches' use their disciplinary structures against those within them who propagate hate against homosexuals using inadequate theological iews to support such activities. Five landmarks that will be characteristic of the emergence of gay Christian spirituality are offered. Zanca, Kenneth J. Ann Arbor, Mich. UMI number , Zullo J. It is also argued that the message comes from, and appeals to, a certain class in society, upwardly mobile whites, who want their presuppositions affirmed and not challenged. The position is only bad news to the poor and members of minority groups The Moral Majority is a theology and ethic designed tobuttress the status quo as perceived by the middle class.

    Caraway, Carol, "Romantic love: neither sexist nor heterosexist", Philosophy and Theology , 1 p Summer Michael, "Patriarchy, dualism, and homophobia: marginalization as spiritual challenge", in Homophobia and the Judaeo-Christian tradition ; ed by M Stemmeler, p Cleaver, Richard and Patricia Myers, eds. ABSTRACT: Most religions are concerned both with the maintenance of an orderly distinction between their members and outsiders and with the promulgati on of moral rules restricting and regulating sexual behaviour.

    The moral conde mnation of homosexuality, bestiality, and transvestism by religious leaders bri ngs these two concerns together, for it is the result of attempts to maintain o r defend religious and ethnic boundaries. Those forms of sexual behaviour whic h appear to destroy boundaries or collapse fundamental categories such as male and female, humans and animals are condemned and punished because they are a metaphor of social "implosion", i.

    Fears of social "implosion" are to be found when a rel igious or ethnic group Thus the persecution of those detected in homosexual, transvestite, or bestial acts is likely to be most intense during times when vital boundarie s and identities are felt to be in danger of extinction. Dawson, "Putting a face on homosexuality: Why don't Christians treat homosexuals like human beings?

    Perhaps most influentially he has been used recently to illustrate a mechanism that underpins the concept of a pathological organization of personality , a perverse turning of a blind eye to the truth. But is this reading mistaken? In this article I return to the crossroads with Oedipus to try to give him back — for the first time — his sexual identity. By offering a re-reading of the myth in light of how we understand the impact of internalized stigma on the formation of sexual identity today I hope to show that our psychoanalytic imagination can use the Oedipus myth to encompass a range of different developmental possibilities.

    The full text of the document is available to journal subscribers on the publisher's website here.