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Books by Whitman

Will's Women features Maggie Ryan showcasing Shakespeare's feminine characters, with workshops. From Jimmy Martin to Hazel Dickens, you can expect a bucketful of tunes about trains, moonshine, dirt, heartache, pigs and girls named Sophronie. Blending a signature, Spanish-American sound with a powerful lyrical integrity, Javier Mendoza defines a spiritual musical identify in his performances.

Singing in both English and Spanish, this multicultural artist blends, pop, rock, and flamenco in his signature sound. Renowned across the Midwest as a premier artist, Javier provides a high-energy show as a solo artist, trio, or full band. Jeanie Bryan offers lively all-ages puppet shows with original, diverse characters.

Jeanie is also available for puppet-making workshops in a variety of styles ranging from hand, rod and shadow puppetry. Access to standard electrical outlet. Performance space 8' high, 10' deep, 12' wide. Jeff Miller's programs are "Laughter Guaranteed! His performances are highly-original, filled with unusual oral histories he has personally collected, jokes and stories embellished and turned into narrative poems, and outrageous and inspirational gems sometimes within the same story!

His three books have been described as "much, much funnier than anything Stephen King has ever written. Celebrating their 25th anniversary, the Jim Widner Big Band has established itself in an educational setting presenting concerts, clinics, residencies, festival and summer camps. For more information refer to www. Joan Finn, is a professional Madonnara, or chalk artist, who creates chalk street paintings for festivals and events. The art performance take place from one or more days using chalk pastels to create colorful masterpieces on the pavement.

Suitable pavement such as concrete or asphalt. Alternate surface materials are available for indoor use. Canopy for shade. Joe's genre is primarily classical guitar and jazz guitar. A life-long passion for the American West and music has taken Johnny Kendrick around the nation to share his art and knowledge. Respected for his music and scholarly abilities, his fascination with cowboys and their stories led to his developing a program tracing the history of the west through its music using traditional songs, through movie-era cowboys to contemporary performance.

Besides appearances at cowboy events such as Echoes of the Trail and the Colorado Cowboy Poetry Gathering, his interests extend to early country music and he can structure programs revolving around the music and life of Jimmie Rodgers and other old-time and western swing musicians.

Joyce is a storyteller, workshop leader, actor and visual artist who loves to combine all talents whenever possible. She tells stories for listeners aged pre-school through adult with songs and puppets. She presents at libraries, museums, schools, churches, festivals, and other events.

Workshops such as Remember When for Young and Old and Stories that Fold and Unfold, an Origami, help participants to learn and share the arts together. Judy Domeny Bowen is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable performer of traditional Ozark ballads, contemporary folk music, farm songs, and original songs written especially for teachers. Perfect for community concerts, festivals, and school and library presentations, Judy enthralls audiences of all ages with her songs, witty rapport, distinctively clear voice read this--you can really understand her words!

Children and adults love the stories and imagery within her songs. Judy's clarity, warmth, good humor and spontaneity wins the audience over every time! Juggling Jeff has been amazing audiences for over 15 years. Through stunts of silliness, stamina and bravery, he engages and enlightens. The Juggling Jeff Show is high-energy, fast-paced, comedic juggling show that includes danger, suspense, lots of audience interaction and a single magic trick!

It's great family entertainment that both kids and adults will enjoy. Jeff's use of comedy and audience participation make him an audience favorite time and time again. Jeff's programs, no matter if they are educating about the library, Shakespeare, Med-evil Jesters or simply entertaining, are perfect for almost any type of event both inside and outside. Julie Henigan is known for her unique command of the distinct but related idioms of southern American and traditional Irish music.

A singer of remarkable versatility, Julie performs unaccompanied ballads, old-time banjo numbers, instrumental dance tunes, guitar originals, and traditional songs in Irish Gaelic with equal skill and fidelity; yet her style—whether with traditional or contemporary repertoire—is uniquely her own. An accomplished instrumentalist, Julie uses guitar, five-string banjo, lap dulcimer, and fiddle for both song accompaniment and solo instrumentals.

She is available for concerts, workshops, lectures, festivals, and school programs--and is always willing to tailor her programs to fit the needs and interests of both presenters and audiences. Sound system if required , mics and boom stands, one chair, and small table.

The Spring of Eternity (Talon Family #2) by Juliann Farnsworth

A sound technician should be provided. Set-up is minimal, 25 minutes. Kacico Dance has been voraciously creating and presenting fresh, exciting, contemporary dance since They have developed a wide variety of programs for different audiences and venues. Kansas City Ballet offers exceptional quality and a wide variety of repertory from renowned classics to exciting contemporary ballets. Please contact the company for current touring repertoire. Led by Pipe-Major Kevin Gilstrap, the band strives for musical excellence, whether at a concert, convocation or parade!

The Kansas City Chorale, founded in , is a professional vocal ensemble that enriches local, national, and international communities through its dedication to excellence in performing music from diverse historical periods. Audiences around the globe have enjoyed the sounds of the Kansas City Chorale through recordings and radio broadcasts.

The Kansas City Symphony is rapidly gaining recognition for its virtuosic performances and imaginative programming. The Symphony performs regularly in communities throughout the region and is committed to bringing the joy of music to the broadest possible audience. Tour performances can be customized for your location and budget, ranging from the full musician orchestra to a musician chamber orchestra. Tour performances may be accompanied by community outreach events, master classes, educational programs, and small-ensemble performances.

The Kansas City Symphony is a vibrant orchestra, brilliantly performing masterworks to critical acclaim. Now celebrating our 50th year! Kansas City Young Audiences works with a roster of nearly teaching artists to provide dynamic and educational arts programs to children in schools, libraries, community centers, and hospitals throughout the greater Kansas City area.

It is the same standard size band of the middle 30's. Kantorei performs mainly contemporary, baroque, and renaissance choral pieces which are rarely performed in the Kansas City area. The seventeen voice choir performed for the Missouri Music Educators Association state convention and earned critical acclaim by area critics for its more recent performances, including a Season "Editor's Picks" top ten of the year nod by Metropolis.

Kantorei is currently working on its second album for the Resonus Classics label in England and is booking tours. Most performances are a capella without amplification. KantoreiKC asks that there be table and chairs set up for volunteers to sell recordings and memorabilia. She is available for concerts, commercials, corporate events, meet and greets, and private events. Rhythms and folklore of Africa: Highlights culture in an entertaining way.

It Is ideal for schools, festivals, theaters, and community events. Adaptable to indoor and outdoor venues. Audience participation involves hand-picked students to dance and play African instruments. Immerse yourself in the rhythms of Africa. For all ages. He is well known in the Kansas City area as a virtuoso performer on 6, 7, 12 string and baritone acoustic guitars. His guitar playing has been compared to that of Leo Kottke and the late Michael Hedges. Combining his stunning instrumentals on acoustic guitars with original heartfelt vocal songs he is a maverick Americana-styled artistic original.

Hiatt is also a composer of over concert music works ranging from string quartets to full orchestral works. He would welcome the opportunity to collaborate with Missouri-based performing arts groups from chamber music groups to regional symphonies. A full listing of his concert music works can be found at www. Hiatt would also welcome any school based community residencies. Kim Massie is one of the most recognizable vocalists in the Midwest. Contact for technical requirements. Most are open to negotiation. Entertaining and educational, The Kincaid Karacter Puppets present fast-paced, family-oriented puppet shows featuring slapstick comedy, classic one liners, audience participation and plenty of thrills and surprises, performed in the manner and style of classic live street theatre puppet shows of the 19th-century.

The shows themselves are performed either from their own compact, themed "old time" puppet booths, or from the much larger "puppet wagon", a spectacular rolling puppet theater reminiscent of the classic circus, gypsy, and medicine man shows that once toured America. A standard volt power source is preferred at the show site. Experience a musical culture that transcends race and promotes unity and nonviolence. Children to adults will appreciate the sounds and entertainment that will bring you to your feet. Braimah and Andrea Peoples as a conduit to express their love and interest for the cultural art forms of black people all over the world.

Kreative Pandemonium focuses on preserving traditional West African culture as a base to bridge the gap between rhythms, songs, and dances of the African Diasporas as it relates to modern day music. With the collaborations of guest artist as well as company members, Kreative Pandemonium strives to educate the community on these art forms through classes, workshops, lectures, and performances. Reminisce with Thomas Jefferson as he invites you to hear his favorites.

Viennese masters from Beethoven to Strauss still enchant audiences. Also available as LQ Wired: jazz, improve, chops, grooves, Latin, and swing! Yes, strings can swing! Appropriate for elementary school to adult audiences. Leroy and Dewayne Williams combine otherworldly vocal talent with virtuoso musicianship to create revolutionary music, free from the limitations imposed by genre. The music of this father and son duo fuses gospel lyrics with the raw and aggressive sound of funk, the intriguing virtuosity of jazz, the high energy of rock and roll, and even the beauty and majesty of classical.

Not afraid to employ the latest technology, they use synthesizers, electronic drums, and even digital guitars in creative and musically interesting ways that captivate the audience, both with impressive sound quality, and with the true musicianship that comes with decades of performing. Electrical outlets. May require PA with 16 mixer channels, speakers, power amps, monitors depending on the venue. Two-hour set up.

Leslie Salazano is an active performer, singer-songwriter, and pianist. She released her first EP "Stars in the Attic" in Since then she has organized international solo tours, gained radio airplay in the US, Canada and Europe, played shows in Asia in , and was nominated Best Singer-Songwriter in St.

Louis in in the Riverfront Times Music Awards. Independent, pioneering and faithful, the family performs throughout the Ozarks and around the US and Canada at churches, concert series, active living senior RV parks, fairs, festivals, and community and performing arts centers. Their bluegrass and gospel harmonies will inspire your community gathering and infuse your audiences with joy during their up-beat, family-friendly performances. Lindley Creek, has performed regularly since at venues such as Silver Dollar City and were featured at the Missouri State Fairgrounds in Sedalia performing to over Lindley Creek has a passion for heart-touching music and a gift for encouragement.

They work with your organization to bring your audiences the best in family-centered entertainment. We prefer to have 2 hours to set-up sound system and show. Larger venues may need additional time to coordinate patching into their sound system. Through workshops, live performances, music clinics, and community education programs, the Lisa Henry Jazz Group strives to introduce new audiences to the legacy of jazz music. Historian Lisa Marks brings the "Unsinkable" Molly Brown to life in this lively -- yet historically authentic -- performance. Hear stories from Margaret Tobin Brown's amazing life: her birth in Hannibal, Missouri in and childhood years during Hannibal's Gilded Age; her migration to Colorado in searching for the road to love, wealth and fame; her poignant, sometimes heart-wrenching experiences aboard Titanic; the years of fighting for Women's Suffrage, fairness in the juvenile justice system, the rights of workers, child labor laws, and so much more.

Learn the socioeconomic and cultural factors that shaped Margaret during her childhood in Hannibal and life during the Progressive Era of America, leading her to not only become the heroine of the Titanic tragedy but also one of the most important human rights activists and social reformers of her generation. Lisa Marks is the co-curator of the Hannibal History Museum. Workshops on effective storytelling and creating authentic historical character reenactments are also available.

The Lucky Old Sons is a four-piece band focused on the popular music of the 50s and 60s. Inspired by the piano styles of Fats Domino, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry and Ray Charles to name a few, the group also writes and performs original music along those lines.

For larger venues, a PA may be required. A minimum set up time of one hour and access to electricity. Lyric Duo has toured throughout the U. Lyric Duo is deeply committed to the education of young audiences and performers.

  1. Henry David Thoreau, “Walden,” 1854?
  2. This Side of Forever (Talon Family #1) by Juliann Farnsworth;
  3. The Last Man (Shelley)?
  4. Birds and Creation.
  5. Touring Performers Directory | Touring Performers.
  6. The Spring of Eternity.

The duo had not even finished the song when the audience took to their feet and thundered with applause. They went on to be Top 12 finalists, and their performance still has people talking. They instantly connected, both on and off stage, and ended up becoming a permanent duo and a couple. They have also sung the National Anthem for the St. Makenna and Brock are currently busy performing on the road and dedicating several weeks each month to be in Nashville where they are honing their writing chops with some of the best songwriters in the business.

They are also busy planning the release of their newest EP recorded in Nashville with hit record producer Bill McDermott. One of the most active Mexican musicians of his generation, Manuel Ramos has delighted concertgoers throughout the Americas, from Canada to Argentina. From Bach to Stravinsky, from the virtuoso showpieces of Paganini to his own bravura arrangements of Mexican popular melodies, Ramos interprets this varied repertoire for the violin and leaves audiences enthralled.

Included in his presentation is informative commentary in English and in Spanish, depending on the audience. Louis Post-Dispatch. Singer, songwriter and veteran award-winning author and journalist, she is equally at home with stories of Ozarks Culture, American History, and the hill music of America and the British Isles. She can deliver tales and anecdotes that will have audiences laughing one minute and crying the next. Sisco maintains no set, static routine but tailors her performance to the needs and interests of each of her audiences.

She has spoken before groups as diverse as alumni associations, historians, environmentalists, a variety of service organizations, music venues, and film festivals worldwide. Marimba Sol de Chiapas has been sharing the magical music of the Mexican Marimba with audiences of all ages in a variety of local, national, and international venues for more than 20 years.

They are committed to the authentic performance and spirit of the marimba heard throughout Mesoamerica including regional folkloric and popular music from Mexico, Guatemala and other Latin American traditions. Also available for school bookings through Kansas City Young Audiences see separate listing. A minimum approximately 15' wide by 8' deep, level hard-surfaced space with appropriate lighting and access for wide instruments.

Please contact for set-up, sound support and technical needs. Laverty is an acclaimed concert pianist in the traditional style, and performs repertoire from Bach to Barber and beyond. He specializes in solo recitals consisting entirely of Bach, Mozart or Chopin, but also performs programs featuring a variety of composers. In addition he performs a variety of the concerto masterworks with orchestra.

His debut CD, Music of Bach, was released in Martin City, Jr. Each musical revolves around an important theme for children, such as self-esteem, tolerance, and respect for peers. If outdoors, speakers and cordless mics, a 12'x12' performing area, and 30 minutes to set-up or strike. The Meanwells could be called post-folk indie rock. They use largely traditional instruments: stand up bass, mandolin, ukulele, banjo, guitar, reeded organs, percussion. But their style is much like Missouri itself, a crossroads of traditional and progressive sounds.

The Meanwells are not afraid to push the envelope, but are unwilling to deny their Missouri pride and the way her rivers and hills have shaped their understanding of music. With a high energy show and songs you know and love, Members Only is guaranteed to get you dancing and singing along all night! Members Only is available for community events, weddings, corporate events and more! Artist is able to provide all sound equipment, backline, lighting, and tech personnel. For venues providing production, a technical rider is available upon request.

Pop music is malleable; it is fluid and carries with it a sense of emotional elasticity. Through our collected experiences, we connect with music on a primal level, with perceptions and associations both tangible and dream-like. While most musicians opt for a superficial understanding of these musical correlations, there are those who realize these innate forces and their ability to transform and sustain in equal measure.

But for singer-songwriter Merry Ellen Kirk, music is even more wide-ranging than this rather inclusive set of descriptions would have you believe. Having spent her early years in Mongolia—her parents were missionaries—she developed a diverse awareness of the world, and of what music can be when experienced through a different cultural lens.

As a child, she began making up little ditties and developed an inescapable desire to create music; after a time, when her family returned home and settled down in Nashville, she came to realize that writing and performing music would have to be a large part of her future. Merry Ellen currently lives in Columbia, Missouri.

Can provide sound but prefer sound system provided for large venues or large outdoor spaces. Mesner Puppet Theater has been delighting audiences with their compelling and humorous storytelling performances for over 30 years. Mesner Puppet Theater creates and builds all its puppets in-house, reflecting a diverse and colorful array of puppet characters. Mesner Puppet Theater performs throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area, as well as tours around the United States and internationally. Mesner Puppet Theater offers a Puppets in Education program highlighting innovative classes and workshops throughout the year.

Elevated or non-elevated floor space 20'x 12' with a ceiling height of 10'. Additional requirements available on request. Since , nationally-renowned Metro Theater Company has provided exceptional arts experiences to students throughout Missouri. Our touring productions respect the intelligence and emotional wisdom of young people, inviting them into the world of theater and charging their imaginations. We provide Educator Guides for teachers, as well as take-home pieces for parents. Talk-back sessions are a part of every performance, which often lead to further stimulating conversation at school and at home.

Metro Theater Company can also provide classroom residencies where our teaching artists use drama and creative movement to enhance core curriculum and character education. Louis, among others. MET is committed to extending access to theatre in schools and communities throughout Missouri. In addition to our programming in Kansas City, we offer theatre performances of masterworks and classics and customized theatre education programs that serve K schools and entire communities.

From full performances of mainstage touring productions, to school-based residencies, we deliver quality theatre programming designed to provide an outstanding artistic experience for both our presenting partners and their participants. Each project is customized to meet the needs of participants and to work with resources available to achieve success. Michael "Blindcat" McIntire is a blind musician with a career spanning 44 years, 35 states, and six CDs.

As a multi-instrumentalist including guitar, banjo, harmonica, violin and more , vocalist and author, Blindcat entertains audiences playing blues, country, rock, bebop, and bluegrass music. Blindcat can perform as a solo, duo, or up to a five piece band.

Workshops are also available in song composition, lyric development, and instrument instruction. Byrd is an Americana Roots singer-songwriter performing a blend of roots, folk, rock, country and "Ozark" blues. The group is available as a solo artist, duo or up to a five musician band. Workshops, with or without a performance, are available as well on various topics including songwriting, Lyrics as Poetry, etc.

All original music, much of it geared to life in rural Missouri. In the performance all songs come with an introduction or short story of the song. Mick has won a national songwriting award from Billboard Magazine, charted 2 for several weeks in Roots Music Reports Internet Member Radio, Roots Country Chart from around the world and performed in 17 states and the country of Ireland. If you provide the sound: depending on no. Artist can provide sound system. Considered one of the most important voices in the American storytelling revival, she weaves gesture and language into personal, literary and traditional stories and dramatic monologues to create a whole new genre of storytelling.

Her educational programs on creating and telling stories include lectures, classes and workshops for adults. For schools she offers assemblies, artist residencies and teacher-in-services. She provides extensive resource materials including study guides and bibliographies. Her work for college campuses includes "Changing Skins: Folktales about Gender, Identity and Humanity," presented with a talkback session for audiences.

Miss Jubilee is a perfect choice for a night of all types of swing dancing. She can belt out some Swing and Jump Blues in a way that has everyone's toes tapping. Miss Jubilee is a treasure in Saint Louis, they keep it fun and entertain many types of audiences while showing a high amount of professionalism. Missouri Contemporary Ballet is a professional dance company that creates exciting, edgy, hip entertaining performances to communicate to audiences of all ages through live dance programs of the highest quality. They provide educational and outreach performances to schools, retirement homes, and organizations throughout Missouri.

MCB is one of a small number of companies in the US that is exploring the relatively new genre of dance, contemporary ballet, which blends classical training in ballet with modern and jazz movement. Proper lighting, sound equipment, sprung wood floor with Marley surface other surfaces require approval , lighting pre-hang provided in advance. Formed in , the Missouri Saxophone Quartet is a contemporary chamber ensemble devoted to exploring and promoting new music, especially that of Missouri composers. The group has inspired several commissions and has presented them at venues throughout North America and Europe.

The quartet offers recitals between hours in classical, contemporary, jazz and popular selections. The Missouri Symphony Orchestra, in its 44th year, is a member professional, summer resident symphony orchestra under the direction of Music Director and Conductor, Kirk Trevor. Each summer in June and July, talented musicians from the finest conservatories and universities in the U. The Missouri Symphony Orchestra's innovative classical and pops programming make performances fun and exciting experiences for all ages. MADCO provides community inspired, innovative dance experiences through collaborations that provide a pathway for self- discovery, social connections and excellent entertainment for audience members, students, teachers, presenters and corporate clients.

Louis where it reaches 30, people annually. Accommodations within reason can be made by contacting the Company Manger Emiliee Morton at Monkey Tales Theatre, a non-profit c 3 touring theatre company, has been entertaining young audiences since Performances entertain, educate and enlighten children with fun, engaging, and interactive, original live shows.

They actively commission and perform newly composed works for four-hands and two pianos, incorporating visual and interactive components, often within unexpected concert formats. In addition to performing the Duo also presents on topics such as arts entrepreneurship, community engagement, health and wellness for musicians, and career planning for artists. The new Red Onion Jazz Babies is the midwest's premier traditional jazz ensemble. Playing New OrleansJazz from , the "Jazz Babies" have been delighting audiences for over 30 years.

The seven piece ensemble faithfully recreates early ja fro greats such as Louis Armstrong and Sidney Bechet. OMG Josh has been writing and producing literacy and other educational themed shows for himself and others to perform for over 10 years. In he performed his science based reading show, 'Mr. Shows come complete with a study guide for pre and post show support. We offer an authentic look, sound, and feel of a Johnny Cash performance, showcasing all of his hits from the 's through the 's. For small venues, with 3 performers or less, we offer a small traveling PA.

For larger venues, we can travel with a sound technician for an additional cost, unless otherwise provided by venue. One-hour set-up time and sound check prior to performance. Based in the historic jazz-town of Kansas City, the group is comprised of diverse yet close-knit group of dancers and musicians with extensive national and international performing experience. With backgrounds ranging from the Bolshoi Ballet and the Leningrad Chamber Orchestra, to Alvin Ailey and Dave Brubeck, these dancers and musicians form a highly skilled and multi-faceted corps.

The collaborative results speak for themselves: fresh and vibrant new works that are classical in form, but contemporary in expression. Marley floor, stage minimum 34' x 18', lighting optional, sound reinforcement depending on venue, 2 dressing rooms, minimum set-up time 6 hours. Ozark Mountain Oysters is an acoustic blues, country, rock, bluegrass band. As two seasoned musicians with many years on the road opening and playing with major entertainers around the country, we play many of our own original songs.

Our past performances have included the Beale Street International Blues Challenge competition representing the Lake of the Ozarks. If we set up our own P. If we use a house P. Peter Allen and Debbie Lutzky Allen have been performing and teaching puppetry for over thirty years.

Their live performances, featuring hand puppets, marionettes and shadow puppets, inspire audience involvement and enthusiastic participation. OH MY! Family audiences enjoy creating and performing with their own shadow puppets. Eight foot square floor space, minimum ceiling height of 8 feet, electric outlet for our lighting and sound equipment. Paul Vandivort teaches workshps in puppet making and performance in schools, libraries, and summer camps. After learning the art of puppet making in The Heart of the Beast, and Bedlam Theaters in Minneapolis, Paul Vandivorthas since dedicated his life to the art of childrean's performance.

In the past 12 years he has been performing puppet shows, and leading workshops in schools, libraries, summer camps, and at festivals throughout Missouri. Paul Vandivort offers a 15 minute performance followed by a 30 minute workshop in puppet building. Also a 45 minute performance is available without the workshop. Each puppet show story is roughly 15 minutes the 45 minute puppet show is made up of three stories. Must be able to dim or turn off the lights for shadow performance.

Ask presenters to supply one six foot long table. When pianist Peter Miyamoto burst onto the music scene as winner of the Irving S.

This Side of Forever

Gilmore Young Artist Award, he was heralded as "an uncommon performer, a real musical presence who can sweep the audience up in the vision of a piece and His repertoire is enormous encompassing hundreds of solo, chamber and concerto works from the baroque, classical, romantic and modern eras. Master class and family concerts are also available. Program lengths vary from 45 minutes to 2 hours. A tuned grand piano Steinway, Bosendorfer, Yamaha, Baldwin, or Kawai and minimum rehearsal time of one hour.

The Platinum Club is a blend of the finest male talent currently to tour the US. The greats are remembered as the world's biggest platinum selling artists of all time are brought to life once again by our four dapper men. Join us as we reminisce with the past and dance into the future with a repertoire of chart toppers that have the audience on their feet and begging for more. Praises to HIM continues a long tradition, dating back to the Civil War era--singing uplifting, four-part gospel harmonies.

Influenced by African rhythms, ragtime syncopation, and African-American spirituals, southern gospel music has long been popular throughout the U. The ensemble has taken their high-energy performances and upbeat messages beyond the part-time church circuit to full time national events, regional festivals, state and county fairs, and television. Led by pastor and master traditional artist, Bro. Steve Miller, Praises to HIM is available for concerts, festivals, fairs or any event that would like to have up-beat, conservative southern gospel music.

Our music is a classical Indian music called Carnatic. Our main aim is to entertain and also educate. Wooden Stage, 25'', lighting optional, audio system required, set up time a minimum of six hours. Preston Tonepahote is a multi-talented Kiowa storyteller, orator, and traditional dancer. As a solo storyteller, he shares Native American animal tales, creation myths, and legends along with historic accounts and personal experiences.

As a member of the intertribal Eagle Talon Brotherhood, Tonepahote introduces dancers and drummers from a number of tribal backgrounds. Select from a solo performance, small group presentation, or large group dance including 20 dancers and a drum. Tonepahote and the Eagle Talon Brotherhood perform at festivals, evening concerts, and schools. With the goal of enhancing cultural awareness, Preston Tonepahote shares his knowledge of Native American traditions in a number of formats.

Step right up folks, for an engaging bit of Americana, ideal for audiences of all ages. Professor Farquar and Polecat Annie set entertainment back more than a century. Unlike the snake oil hucksters of the past, they peddle no elixirs or patent pills. Instead, they dispense copious amounts of laughter, the best medicine of all. With guitar, banjo and an odd collection of percussive instruments, they perform timeless toe-tapping traditional tunes, lyrical laments and droll ditties from the Civil War, the Ozarks and the Old West.

Astonishing demonstrations of illusion, chicanery, hoodwinking and flimlam. Hands-on instruction in juggling and archaic amusements. Vibrant, vintage vaudeville virtousity! Prefer 60 minutes for set up and sound check. If we're sharing a stage with other acts, we can do it in less than ten minutes. Need an 8' x 12' stage or performance area. Require three microphones with stands or we can provide our own system.

Gaily festooned medicine show wagon available as a stage set optional. Shows last minutes. Discussion of show content can follow performances. Two to three puppeteers are needed to perform our touring shows. These puppeteers have between 8 and 30 years of touring and performing experience. Our shows have received excellent reviews and some venues have rebooked us due to audience request and the success of our performances. Minimum performance space is 8' high, 12' wide x 12' deep. Access to standard electrical.

One hour set-up and take down time. One person is needed to assist. Quixotic is an ensemble of musicans, dancers, aerialists, composers, designers and choreographers collaborating to produce new forms of artistic expression. This inventive group of artists goes beyond the limits of any specific art form to create a total sensory experience for its audience.

Quixotic makes performance art interactive and eliminates the barrier between performer and audience. Scott Bryan has a rare ability to sing and play everything from guitar and bass to keyboards and percussion--end do it all exceedingly well. Scott toured the world and recorded for five years with superstar Sheryl Crow band, co-authoring the Top Ten U. PA system appropriate to venue size, and sound tech. Lighting if needed. Louis Tradition'.

His debut CD 'Spiritual Jazz He uses live looping to blend elements of Instrumental Jazz, calming Native American Flute songs with driving drum rhythms to the delight of his audience. Veterans of over 50 years of stellar performances throughout the region, RiverSong celebrates the rich tapestry of American musical genres and advancing the musical art form of barbershop harmony through education and performance.

Stage minimum 30' x 20', 24" high. Standard sound system speaker board. Dressing room with chairs, mirrors and electrical outlets. With a name like this, you know this group must have fun in store for audiences of all ages. The Quintet presents programs of music and humorous narratives of music ranging from Bach and Mozart, through Stephen Foster, to Gershwin, Bernstein, Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw and a salute to the famous New Orleans clarinetists of the past.

Programs are tailored to fit the audience from their repertoire of over fifty pieces and balanced between Classical, Ragtime, Dixieland, and Swing. The members are all active or retired music educators and welcome educational opportunities in combination with concert appearances. Performing original compositions with a hand-crafted Native American-style flute for small venues and schools. His musical style has been influenced by artists such as R. Carols Nakai, David R. This is what has been said about Robert Roe from the News Focus, "While listening to the haunting melodies played by the Osage Wind Riders it is easy to envision an American Indian sitting on the back of a horse solemnly staring out to an expanse of the western plains, as of yet unspoiled by the 'white man'.

Will supply the mic and effects for my performances. Through the use of creatively designed skits, exciting original music, energizing choreography, "larger than life" costumed characters, innovative music videos, a zany mad scientist, colorful puppets, and a powerful educational message, Rock U Mentally teaches children and parents how they can be socially and environmentally responsible.

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Exploring such relevant issues as: how to deal with bullies, stranger danger, unlocking the power of the imagination, and what each of us can do to help conserve and protect our extraordinary planet, Rock U Mentally's catch lyrics and electrifying grooves will even have Mom and Dad singing along as their children learn valuable lessons they will carry with them for a lifetime. Rock U Mentally is performed by a talented cast of singers and dancers who currently work in Branson. Sound system, up to three mics preferably cordless, cd player for sound system, optional video capabilities DVD player, video screen, technician to operate video.

Ronald Radford is the world-renowned master of red-hot flamenco guitar and inspirational Gypsy wisdom. Radford's warm and engaging program has met with standing ovations and rave reviews in Carnegie Hall, Kennedy Center and in fifteen countries on four continents. He was proclaimed in Mexico City as "An absolutely extraordinary event! Read the reviews, listen to his CD and watch a video preview at www. Ron is very easy to present in concerts, schools, and workshops.

What you don't have, he will provide. Simple technical guidelines available upon request. Born in Cuba, Ms. Andino began her musical studies at age four and gave her first concert at age six. Her orchestra performances, recitals, radio and television concerts have been acclaimed in the United States, Cuba, Mexico, Spain, England, Italy, and Holland. Andino commands an immense repertoire that includes all the standard major works for the piano as well as little known works, such as cultured ethnic works by 19th- and 20th-century Cuban composers.

When they were come unto the Faery's court When they were come into the Faery's court. Character of C. He is to weet a melancholy carle. Bright star, would I were stedfast as thou art Bright star! Hyperion: A Fragment. Book I Deep in the shady sadness of a vale. Happy, happy glowing fire! Sonnet to Sleep O soft embalmer of the still midnight,.

Ode to Psyche O Goddess! On Fame Fame, like a wayward girl, will still be coy. On Fame How fever'd is the man, who cannot look. If by dull rhymes our English must be chain'd If by dull rhymes our English must be chain'd,. Two or three posies Two or three posies.

Ode to a Nightingale My heart aches, and a drowsy numbness pains. Ode on a Grecian Urn Thou still unravish'd bride of quietness,. Ode on Melancholy No, no, go not to Lethe, neither twist. Ode on Indolence One morn before me were three figures seen,. Shed no tear — O shed no tear Shed no tear — O, shed no tear! Conrad So, I am safe emerged from these broils!

Good, if I may guess. You guess aright. And, sister, slurring o'er. I pr'ythee, Conrad, do not overact. Trust me for once. That you may be assured. I saw my moment. The Hungarians,. So far yourself. But what is this to me. Yes, sister, but it does regard you greatly,. I would enquire somewhat of him:.

At one pernicious charge of the enemy,. No, nor great, nor mighty;. You'll not be perjured! Go to Albert then,. Can it be, brother? For a golden crown. I know not:. That I heard. Harm him not! Let not this slave— this villain—. Fair on your Graces fall this early morrow! Such salutation argues a glad heart. O would to heaven your poor servant. Albert solus. The Duke is out of temper; if he knows. Aye, Conrad, it will pluck out all grey hairs;. My lord, I was a vassal to your frown,. What need of this? Enough, if you will be. He has not yet return'd, my gracious liege. What then! No tidings of my friendly Arab?

More thanks, good Conrad; for, except my son's,. You have my secret; let it not be breath'd. Where shall I find a messenger? O that the earth were empty, as when Cain. Now, Ludolph! Now, Auranthe! Well, well, I know what ugly jeopardy. Still very sick, my lord; but now I went,. Take notice of the symbols you see in your life, or warnings?

Sincerely, Lizabeth. I wanted to thank you for sharing this information. I recently went on a trip to Denver to consider moving there. I went with a friend to explore downtown Denver on one night and encountered what I can not pass off as any less than a synchronicity. Of the 5 places we went that night, 3 of the places had birds hanging from the ceiling. First we went to a restaurant where a seagull hung from the ceiling. The second place was a coffee shop with many origami birds hung from the ceiling. The third place was a lounge with many doves hanging from the ceiling.

This caught my attention. I'm not sure what the birds may mean exactly, but I am definitely paying attention. Anyway, I decided to do a search for 'what do birds symbolize', and I found your entry. Sometimes it's good to view life from a 'birds eye view', realizing that we do not see everything from out human perspective. Birds intuitively know where to go as they migrate through the seasons change. I will trust this intuitive wisdom of the birds Thank you for sharing and namaste!

A few days ago i was at work scrapping glue off of a filter cap and by accident there was some glue still on the cap in shape of a bird. It was a perfect shape of a bird. It looked like an exact picture of a bird flying.

See a Problem?

I took it as a sign but im not sure what it means. Do have have any idea of what it represents? Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence. Help me! Looking for sites on: Opalescence humility.

I found only this - treswhite opalescence. In canada, review cells are known by the thermodynamic fluctuations. Lifeways of life of transition ban areas and low phenomena were related by mason, et al, opalescence boost. Best regards :confused:, Rainer from Afghanistan. Hi, I had a similar thing happen to me.. I was visited by a finch or it could have been a sparrow..

I was just hanging around on the front porch perched between the grill of the security door.. I walked up to it thinking it would fly away but it just stayed there so I put my hand up to pat it and it jumped on to my finger so I took it inside and put it down on my desk next to my keyboard and it sat there while I typed emails.. Then I just decided to sleep with the light on and it stayed on the pillow next to me the whole night.

The next morning I tried to let it fly away again but still it didn't want to go. But I had to go to work and I didn't know what to do so I put it in an old cage that I had until I could come back at lunch time. Then when I came back and opened the cage it just flew away as soon as I opened the door. It was a really strange thing and not sure what it could have meant if anything or whether the bird came from an aviary across the road. But still quite strange that it didn't fly away at any chance it had the previous night and how content it was just to sit there with me the whole night.

If anyone has any thoughts would love to hear them. Any suggestions as to the portrayl of wings? Would appreciate any input. Birds have been coming at me and yesterday one was in front of my house I know something is up I just do not know wht it is I don't feel like it has to do with me I have always had symbols with birds they fly at me and even in my car Thank you for the information, I was researching ravens and stumbbled on to this site. I myself didn't know most of the things here even thou I'm a occult and supernatural dork.

I've never had a sign appear before me but my friend has: She and her friends were playing infront of the house when an old woman came out of nowhere and looked at a cucoo on the roof. She said 'Be careful children' and left. The next day my friends grandfather died. Another friend's story is When she was still living in her old home a bird was standing somewhere on a tree, some perfectly healthy man jumped out of nowhere saying 'Oh, no you don't!

Nobody else is going to die here! Not on my watch! The next day the same man died. My friends family moved out at the first chanse they got. I think the bird was a cucoo. My dog was slowly dying of kidney failure and I knew I would have to put him down soon. The decison was making me so depressed. I was crying all the time. We would go to the park for walks almost every day since he was a puppy. One day I decided to take him to the park because we were not going as often since he was sick and maybe I could gauge his spirts and how much life was left.

Once we got to the park he was excited and started running and I started feeling better. Then he got tired and laid down in the middle of the grass. I laid next to him and looked up in the sky. As i gazed up, I noticed two hawks soaring. That is very unusual in our neighboorhood. Then they got so high they disappeared but two ravens flew into the air where they where.

A peace came over me and I knew it was a sign that it was time. That was our last day together. I miss him but did not want him to suffer any more. I am an avid bird watcher and believe that nature does talk to us, if we listen. Hi, im doing a project on mythology of birds and im thinking of doing one on why birds migrate during the winter. My father passed away in October of ' While getting dressed for his funeral in the basement bedroom where I was staying at my parents' home, a small bird flew into the room and sat atop the dresser mirror.

After a few moments, it flew out of the room. I unlocked and opened the door in the basement that lead outdoors, and the bird flew away. Neither the windows nor the door had been opened in the three days I had been staying there, and the chimney flue was closed. No one in the house at the time had any idea how a bird could get into the basement. I'm not one who normally looks for meaning in random events, but I had a strong feeling that day that my father was telling me that everything was OK.

My father told me that in Poland there were stories about associations between birds and death. My mother-in-law, who is also Polish, says the same. My nephew died at 9 months of age. For a week before that accidental death, a robin kept tapping at the window of the house. My mother put foil over the window, but the tapping continued.

It stopped when he died. After my grandmother's death, my mother and I were in the house, and heard a noise from the attic. We opened the door, and out flew a crow. We had no idea how it got there. We ran down the steps, with the crow flying alongside, and opened the kitchen door. It flew directly out, as if it knew the way. I said, "Good-bye, Grandma! A friend of mine at work was killed suddenly and violently some years ago. Although I'd only known her a short time, I knew she was a lovely person and I wanted to communicate that to her family. Finally, I wrote them a sympathy card saying how much I enjoyed being Joan's friend, if only for a short while.

All this time, a bird tapped nearly every day on my bedroom window. The bird stopped on the day I got a return letter from Joan's family thanking me for my sentiments. As if the bird was saying "now it's done. Glad I found this site with so many others who have had these experiences. My beloved 11 year old border collie dog was diagnosed with terminal cancer over six months ago. We kept her at home on medication and promised ourselves we would put her to sleep when we thought she was not getting pain relief.

We live in country Queensland, Australia, and for the first three days of this week there were two white birds, almost like flamingos only pure white, just slowly walking around our lawn in the dawn fog. Our neighbours who have lived here for many years said they had never seen a bird like them around here. Each morning they would appear on our lawn, one day almost on our porch and then not long after I had seen them each day they would just fly off into the fog. I had been asking for a sign to let me know when it was time for Tess to be put to sleep and I am convinced this was it.

We said our goodbyes and held her close as the vet helped her pass. It has been three days since and the birds have not come back although every day I have looked to the sky to talk to Tess and seen a pair of white birds just flying overhead. I have read that when you ask for a sign white feathers might appear in strange places to help you and I am sure these birds were just that. God speed to our most beautiful Tess. A falcon showed in our yard the day and then closer the day of my mother-in-law's funeral. What does symbolize? Also a black panther was sitting by the sideof the roadon our way home from the hospital before she passed.

My husband and I both saw it and it looked at us and jumped over the guardrails into the woods. We felt it was a rare sighting and probably a sign. If you can shed light on these, thank you. It all started when it crushed on my window no harm done to the bird , than it returned and landed the same day for 2 more times.

A day after that it landed again and after a week it visited again. I must had that there are plenty of places for it to land but it returns only to my window to land. Every time it stays for few seconds, looking directly at me and takes off until next time. What does it mean? What does it symbolize? Please, help me understand it. Thank you. In November our dog became very ill, she was old and we knew the day would come.

On the day we went to take her in to be put to rest we let her bask in the sun for a couple of hours. While we were out in the yard with her 2 eagles flew about. There was also a Turkey Vulture that circled a couple of times. We miss her so much.