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Moreover, the political context is critical, the result of three changes of Government without elections, in which the executive power has taken decisive initiatives for reform in many fields, including constitutional reforms, resulting in a progressive worsening of the gap between the political action of the "palace" and the daily exercise of citizen democratic participation.

Even in the one area that has seen a positive trend in recent years, namely, the development of renewable energy, there has been a reversal of the virtuous cycle since In the absence of a national energy plan, government policies continue to encourage fossil fuels despite popular opposition , and large infrastructural works with new rules to eliminate environmental controls introduced through the Stability Law in and with an increase in soil depletion.

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As a whirlpool, the crisis that has been lasting for the past 5 years has hit Italy hard in Eight million Italians live with less than one thousand euro per month. The crisis has seriously damaged the middle class. In terms of gender equity Italy lags behind the European average, and also behind some of its neighbours. See the program. On 3 May, a debate was organized at the Municipality of Florence, where the SW Report was launched with a strong message on the role of civil society in promoting social development and human rights.

Search this site:. Italy: Change of direction needed to implement the Agenda. Italy: A country in coma. Italy behind the European gender equity average, says watchdog organization. Lancio rapporto nazionale a Roma. Finding legislation at IALS. Law reports. Digests of cases. Finding cases at IALS. English language works on Italian law. Resource guides.

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Last updated:. Heather Memess, December Reference Desk hours:. Monday-Friday Tel 0 20 Email ials sas. We'd love to hear your comments about this Research Guide. Email ials sas. We also recommend the following online research guides for foreign jurisdictions. Italy as a nation is a relatively modern creation, being the result of a unification of numerous kingdoms, duchies and principalities in The French conquest of the Italian states in the s introduced the Code Napoleon, and much legislation based on the French model survived in various jurisdictions over the next 50 years.

Although Italy is a unitary state according to the Constitution of , a system of regional governments was established after the Second World War. Four "Special Regions" were set up in , and a fifth in , while the rest of the country was divided into 15 "Ordinary Regions" in a process lasting from to In a new Civil Code combined both civil and commercial law, so that there is no longer a separate Commercial Code. The current Code of Criminal Procedure appeared in To these four should be added the Code of Navigation , which regulates both national and international sea and air transport.

In addition to these are the military codes. As with other continental jurisdictions, IALS sources are mainly commercial publications rather than official ones. Our collection includes copies of the Italian constitution both in Italian and English. An online resource for material relating to foreign constitutions, started in , is World Constitutions Illustrated.

This is a contemporary and historical collection of documents, which is available as part of the IALS subscription to HeinOnline. It is available to all users on site at IALS. It includes consolidated and original texts of the Constitution for different periods in time. It also provides full text links to a range of historical commentaries and articles about the Italian Constitution, selected by the editors.

IALS also holds the loose-leaf publication by Blaustein and Flanz Constitutions of the countries of the world Volume 9, release , but this no longer updated. The constitution can also be found in both English and Italian on the website of the Chamber of Deputies. For the main codes, we have a one-volume compilation:. Reference may also be made to the one-volume commentaries on each code described below under Treatises. The Code of Navigation is represented by.

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The Civil Code is represented by:. The Civil Code was published in English translation in , and a second edition appeared in in looseleaf format. This has since been superseded by a new edition which is available at IALS:. The Code of Civil Procedure is represented by:.

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  • The Code of Criminal Procedure is represented by:. Sessional legislation is officially published in the Gazzetta ufficiale della Repubblica italiana , published since the foundation of the State in This contains both national and regional legislation. The IALS set is complete except for the years Shelved with it is an index of legislation in force, both national and regional. The Normattiva website can be used to search legislation published in the Official Gazette from onwards. The full-text of laws of the current legislature can be found on the Parlamento Italiano web site.

    Citation style. Finding legislation. For legislation since try the digest Giustizia civile : repertorio generale annuale di legislazione, bibliografia, giurisprudenza. Published annually, the main work is arranged alphabetically by subject. Indexes at the back allow searching by the date and number of the law. This digest can also be used to check whether any changes have been made to any particular piece of legislation in any given year since Alternatively if you know the date you can try the indexes in the annual volumes of Lex or, if you know the subject, try the index of legislation in force, both national and regional, shelved with Lex under the title La legislazione vigente This series can also be used to locate laws pre whose date is known.

    The two most widely used general series of reports are. Specialized reports include. There are two categories of publication which may be described as "digests". Both the Foro italiano and Giurisprudenza italiana publish a companion series called a "massimario", usually published monthly and cumulated annually. These contain the "massime" or legal principles underlying the civil and criminal decisions of the Supreme Court Corte de Cassazione.

    A special department of the Court is charged with extracting these "maxims", which to an English reader look rather like headnotes or entries in a case digest. Other massimarii relating to specific areas of law are published, but none is received currently there are a few random out of date volumes in the reserve collection. Slightly wider in scope are publications with the title Repertorio , published annually. These reproduce not only massime from a large range of reports and periodicals, but also references to legislation, books and articles published during the year.

    Arrangement is alphabetical by subject. You should be able to find an Italian case if you have any one or more of the following pieces of information:. Foro it. Finding cases.

    The main index is the digest Giustizia civile : repertorio generale annuale di legislazione, bibliografia, giurisprudenza [IALS ]. There are indexes at the end of each year allowing entry by party name, court name or date.


    For cases pre for which you have the date you could try the annual indexes to the volumes of Foro italiano or Giurisprudenza Italiana or its companion series Massimario della Giurisprudenza Italiana which allow searching by subject, date, party names or type of law eg code, national, regional legislation. Two publications may be placed in this category: the Digesto Italiano , which is not held by IALS, and the Enciclopedia del Diritto , which we do have.

    The Enciclopedia del diritto is published by Guiffre in around 46 volumes since There are several works on a grand scale in Italian legal literature, of which the Institute has very few. These are:. Our main work on company law is really an annotated collection of statutes and cases:. A series of useful one-volume "short commentaries" on the major codes are published by CEDAM under the collective title Breviaria Iuris.

    The Institute has the following volumes:. Titles on current subscription are:. Together with the major law report series, these are all indexed in the Index to foreign legal periodicals.

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    Italian titles in international and European law are excluded from this list. The Institute holds an annual index to Italian legal literature from up to which includes not only periodical articles but also books published during the year: Dizionario bibliografico delle reviste giuridiche italiane edited by V. Giuffre, in two volumes, then annual from to The DoGi database of the Istituto per la Documentazione Giurdica Institute for Legal Documentation contains abstracts in Italian of articles published in around Italian legal journals since A list of Italian libraries of legal interest with online information and catalogues can be found on the same site.

    The catalogue is reached via the National Library Service website. Several of the major Italian legal publishers have their catalogues available on the internet including Giuffre, Cedam, Utet and Zanichelli. IALS holds the following Italian legal dictionaries:. For further abbreviations see Sprudzs, A. Italian abbreviations and symbols: law and related subjects Useful starting points to sources of Italian legal information include:. Italy in Winterton, J and Moys, E eds. Information sources in law 2nd ed.

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    Bowker Saur, The site of the Instituto di Teoria e Tecniche dell' Informazione Giuridica Institute of Legal Information Theory and Techniques outlines the databases which it publishes, and includes some useful guides in Italian. The Italy section of WorldLII , the law index and search service maintained by the Australasian Legal Information Institute, allows the browsing and searching of selected sites containing Italian primary legal materials.

    The Eagle-i Internet Portal for Law , a guide to good quality law resources on the internet, includes over twenty items on Italy. Documentazione di Fonte Pubblica in Rete is a site created by the Italian Libraries Association providing access to public information on the web. Update information Last updated: Heather Memess, December Need assistance? Your comments We'd love to hear your comments about this Research Guide.

    Useful links We also recommend the following online research guides for foreign jurisdictions. Introduction Italy as a nation is a relatively modern creation, being the result of a unification of numerous kingdoms, duchies and principalities in Back to TOP. Primary sources: Constitution As with other continental jurisdictions, IALS sources are mainly commercial publications rather than official ones.

    Primary sources: Codes and statutes For the main codes, we have a one-volume compilation: I quattro codici e le leggi complementari [i.