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Dependency Injection with AngularJS. Alex Knol. High Performance Drupal. He start working as PHP Prgrammer in Follow sasaprolic. I've written event sourced applications with prooph for a while now, after some time I realized, that there is some boilerplate I need to write again and again. Boring stuff that leads to errors pretty quickly, because I'm not paying attention that much on repetitive boilerplate code I need to write.

Also I realized that I don't need my favourite framework that much anymore and when creating some small microservices like one for each aggregate , their need really disappears. Let me invite you to yet another journey, from standard application framework scenarios, to microservices and how functional programming and code generators can make a difference to eliminate so much boilerplate, that your applications are getting slimmer and slimmer.

Maintainer of the prooph components, zfc-rbac, zfr-oauth2-server, HumusAmqp and FPP, contributor to zend framework, php-enum, prophecy, phpunit, Doctrine and many many more. Follow votrubaT. Before composer, we downloaded packages manually. But how do you upgrade to newer framework version? Still manually?

His passion is open-source for lazy people - instant upgrades and coding standards. He takes care of Rector and EasyCodingStandard packages. Follow mizan. We are very much obsessed or bound to use a fixed structural database design for our projects. The traditional column based table design along with normalization makes our life crippled within lots of tables and joins.

The BLOB was there but was not flexible enough to be used everywhere. JSON is one of the most used structure for data transmission from one service to another and also storing in the database. Many developers are not aware of this great gem inside their database engine and end up creating larger tables with lots of columns or many tables to keep the database normalized.

From my professional experience of scaling service for 20 million users and millions of records every day, I want to share the experience and how you can we work with it with a practical demo. Working in different web technologies for last 17 years and still learning new technologies. I work for Telenor Health, a norway based digital healthcare platform focusing on healthcare for all specially those below poverty line.

I am currently playing the role of Head of Engineering and building efficient, scalable and secure micro-services for our millions of subscribers. In daily life i love solving problems and prepare future proof architecture and solutions. I am an agilist in practice and a technology evangelist for Scrum. I have published 3 books from Pack publishing and my recent one was "PHP 7 data structures and algorithms". I am an international tech speaker and spoken in many international scrum and developers events in both Bangladesh and outside Bangladesh. Even now, many assume PHP is only synchronous and not capable of async processes, which is wrong.

Asynchronous execution has several advantages. Letting you multitask on a single thread. That is cooperative multitasking. Each running task gives the control back to the system when idle. All these are well and fine, but the asynchronous code is messy and hard to maintain. This presentation shows how to write async code in a synchronous fashion to get the best of both worlds.

Generators with the yield keyword, are the most underused feature in PHP. It has great potential. We can take advantage of them by implementing async and await in PHP on our own!

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Arul is a self-taught full stack developer. He founded Luracast, to provide developers with free tools and open source software.

Instant Hands-on Testing with PHPUnit How-to

He is currently working on the blockchain solution integrating PHP. Home automation and IOT is his latest hobby. Follow benmarks. This live coding exercise demonstrates both Magento's modular architecture and its plugin system for customizing core behavior. Ben is a voting representative in the PHP FIG and has more than 10 years in open source commerce working with some of the biggest brands. He serves as an educator and mentor for Magento, having trained hundreds of developers directly as well as thousands of others through the Magento U Fundamentals series.

He's always excited to meet other developers to talk about and learn from the challenges and successes of building successful commercial sites with PHP. Follow neuro Follow MikkoLmmz. In the modern cloud environment CPU and memory are cheap resources which can easily be increased to scale up applications.

Instant Hands-on Testing with PHPUnit How-to. M. Lively | CoderNet

However the local storage can still be the bottleneck and predictable performance might come with a high price. We will demonstrate some ways on how developers can overcome IO limitations and design applications that will scale horizontally in cloud environment. His most memorable stint is the time he spent at Finnish military mostly coding with PHP.

Follow derickr. In this talk I will cover the latest additions to Xdebug. Although it is 15 years old now, many features have been added in the last few months and years. In this talk, I will introduce and explain these new features, and some more notable features added in the last few years.

Unit testing with PHPUnit: Writing your first test (3/10)

He has contributed in a number of ways to the PHP project, including the Xdebug debugging tool, and various extensions and additions. Follow jpalala. Working with Wordpress and learning to find out about wordpress hooks and then overriding functions can lead to spaghetti code. I'll share about using a PHP library known as Corcel that will make working with wordpress less of a pain. Follow ypxio. I interested in pixel, code, and post-rock. He experinced with PHP Programming since Tokyo User Group Leader. Web Developer. These are hands-on workshops. Each workshop is 2.

Attendees can pick and choose which topics to go for on the workshop day. Lunch and tea breaks will be provided. In this workshop, we take a first look at writing PHP extensions. Using step-by-step examples, we'll take a function written in PHP and convert them into a loadable extension using C. We'll then test both versions and compare the results. After seeing the size and scope of the benefits that can be realized with only a few minor changes, you'll want to try it out for yourself.

You'll also understand why we start with simple things, and not try to rewrite all of Symfony in C. You've written a blog in 5 minutes, but what about a secure, encrypted communications application in 3 hours? This workshop will get you started with a simple Laravel application, and iteratively build it up to become an end-to-end encrypted chat platform.

You'll learn how to get started quickly with Laravel and Bootstrap, add encryption layers to the system, design database structures that won't leak metadata, and even provide mechanisms for plausible deniability. You'll have VirtualBox pre-installed on your laptop, and will hopefully finish the workshop with a simple, yet fully functioning communications platform.

Follow IcyApril. In commercial environments, developers will regularly find themselves facing technical debt and find that the ability to refactor code is an essential skill to master. As Martin Fowler famously wrote: "Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand. Due to bad design in software, delivering value to the client can become ever more difficult and stressful until bad software design decisions are rectified.

For developers working on badly designed projects, making repayments on technical debt, whilst also delivering value is a key skill — this session will explain how it is possible to square-the-circle and both deliver value whilst paying down technical debt. This session seeks to teach attendees that refactoring can be a safe, everyday task during normal software development and that it is indeed healthy to refactor software mercilessly, especially when operating in an Agile environment with changing software requirements.

This session will feature a hands-on demonstration of how to refactor a legacy app through a combination of automated testing, faster releases and merciless refactoring. Practical experience in automated software testing and continuous integration are vital learning outcomes and this session seeks to expose attendees to tools like Docker, PHPUnit, Selenium and PHP Mess Detector.

Extreme Programming practices will be presented as a key discussion point on how developers can help achieve these goals. Junade Ali is a British computer scientist with specialist knowledge of computer security, distributed systems and software design. Currently, Junade holds the position of Lead Support Operations Engineer at Cloudflare and is working part-time on a PhD in theoretical computer science. He has completed a number of high-profile security research projects that have been covered in the media; including anonymous leak password detection in Pwned Passwords, IoT security research and DDoS attack analysis.

His software engineering experience has varied from being the lead developer of the then largest digital agency in the UK by headcount to developing software for embedded systems used in mission critical road safety applications. Follow msvrtan. I will be live coding few examples to introduce you to PHPSpec features, show you some caveats and by working in small teams build a feature together. So what is PHPSpec? It's a great tool to model specify and build your code that has a side effect: you get some tests out of it. It's not a drop in replacement for unit testing or testing in general but can help you out build great products in short amount of time.

I started using PHP as a student, back in I found much more happiness doing backend stuff so I focus on scalable backends and devops tasks this days. Follow praswicaksono. This workshop addressed to new developer or experienced develop who want switching to Symfony 4.

This express 3 hours workshop will cover this following topics:. Goodbye jQuery! Every time I say that I don't use any framework on the projects I'm working on, people tell me I am crazy and that I should not reinvent the wheel. But reinventing the wheel: for sure not! I'm using a whole bunch of libraries and that is what they are meant to, it's not a framework argument! A crazy idea? Maybe not so much: Java, Python, Ruby, … they are all good! Patrick Allaert is a freelance system engineer and founder of Libereco Technologies, a Brussels based company specialized in PHP services.